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Dr. Charles B. Simone
Welcome!     Charles B. Simone, M.D. is an Internist (Cleveland Clinic 1975-77), Medical Oncologist (National Cancer Institute 1977-82), Tumor Immunologist (NCI 1977-82), and Radiation Oncologist (University of Pennsylvania 1982-85). He wrote Cancer and Nutrition (1981, third revision 2005), The Truth About Breast Health - Breast Cancer (2002), The Truth About Prostate Health - Prostate Cancer (2005), How To Save Yourself From A Terrorist Attack (2001), helped organize the Office of Alternative Medicine, NIH (1992), helped write the Dietary Supplement, Health and Education Act of 1994, helped win landmark cases against the FDA by showing they violated the First and Fifth Amendment rights of Americans, helped introduce the Health Freedom Protection Act of 2005 (H.R. 4282), was bestowed the first Bulwark of Liberty Award in 2001 by the American Preventive Association and the James Lind Scientific Achievement Award in 2004, and continues bench research with the NCI showing that proteomic patterns can diagnose specific cancers possibly at earlier stages than we are currently able to do (Lancet Feb 2002, JNCI Nov 2002).

    He is a consultant for heads of state of the US and other countries, celebrities, and advises many governments regarding health care. He testifies for the Senate and House on matters concerning health, cancer, disease prevention, children's health programs, FDA reform, and alternative medicine. He appears on 60 MINUTES, Prime Time Live, Fox News Channel, and others.

Amino Plus
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Amino Plus®

Amino Plus contains only pharmaceutical grade free form and di-peptide and tri-peptide amino acids from enzymatic digest of lactalbumin. Amino PlusTM is fortified with supplemental amounts of L-Carnitine, D,L Methionine, as well as Creatine, Aspartate, Choline, Inositol, Octacosanol, and Korean Ginseng. Amino Plus contains key amino acid groups including Essential, Branched Chain, Neurotransmitter, Glycogenic, Urea Cycle, and Connective Tissue.

Serving Size: 2 tablets

                                   Amount per Serving      % Daily Value

Vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate)              1.5 mg      100%
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)                        1.7 mg      100%
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl)                    2.0 mg      100%
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)                    6 mcg      100%
Creatine phosphate                            500 mcg      *
Magnesium Aspartate                            200 mg      *
L-Carnitine                                     50 mg      *
D,L Methionine                                 150 mg      *
Choline (choline butyrate)                      50 mg      *
Inositol                                       100 mg      *
Octacosanol (from rice bran)                  100 mcg      *
Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng – root)           10 mg      *
Amino Acids (Typical Profile)**:  *
     Essential Amino Acids
       L-Histidine                              56 mg      *
       L-Lysine                                162 mg      *
       L-Methionine                             61 mg      *
       L-Cystine                                 7 mg      *
       L-Phenylalanine                         117 mg      *
       L-Tyrosine                              129 mg      *
       L-Threonine                              96 mg      * 
       L-Tryptophan                             25 mg      *
    Branched Chain Amino Acids
       L-Leucine                               202 mg      *
       L-Isoleucine                            156 mg      *
       L-Valine                                142 mg      *
   Neurotransmitter Amino Acids
       L-Aspartic Acid                         140 mg      *
       L-Glutamic Acid                         443 mg      *
   Glycogenic Amino Acids
       L-Alanine                                74 mg      *
       L-Glycine                                 7 mg      *
       L-Serine                                125 mg      *
   Urea Cycle Amino Acid
       L-Arginine                               85 mg      *
   Connective Tissue Amino Acid
       L-Proline                               173 mg      *

*  Daily Value not established
** Based on typical analysis of 2.2 gram of lactalbumin


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